The most common heating systems in Southern California are gas furnaces but there are several other ways to heat your home. Certified Air Services handles just about all types of heating systems and with over 30 years of experience can professionally install and service the equipment we sell. The heating systems of today are more efficient than ever before and their high quality provides years of comfort for our customers. In fact, the warranties on the heating equipment we install today are the best in the industry.

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Although our main brand is Carrier, we have access to most any major brand and type of heating system.

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Dual Fuel Systems Offer The Best In Indoor Comfort

The dual-fuel system, or what is also known as a “piggyback” unit, is an economical and sensible option to heat and cool your home. It combines a high efficiency heat pump with a gas furnace. In this system, the heat pump offers both summer cooling and primary winter heating.

The furnace serves as a backup source of heat during extremely cold weather. During these periods, a control box automatically switches the heat pump off and activates the furnace. When outdoor temperatures begin to rise again, the furnace is shut off and the heat pump becomes the primary heating source once again.

No matter what the season or temperature, you can depend on a dual-fuel heating and cooling system to provide the ideal combination of efficiency and comfort. The dual-fuel system automatically chooses the most economical fuel source while providing the customer with the following benefits: heat pump comfort and efficiency, lower utility costs, security of having two heating sources and extended equipment life.