• 90% of all air conditioner breakdowns are the result of little or no maintenance.

• A dirty air conditioner cost 50% more to operate.

If you haven't had a Clean & Check performed on your air conditioning system, then it is not operating at optimum efficiency. Further, most system breakdowns are directly related to little or no maintenance — often resulting in premature breakdown of your central air components. Certified Air Services technicians will inspect, clean, oil and tune your air conditioning unit, which will insure a cool and comfortable summer season for your and your family.

Why Does My Air Conditioner Need A Cleaning? When the seasons change and the weather begins to get warmer you will begin to use your air conditioner on a daily basis. Over the fall and winter your air conditioner has been exposed to the elements and the interior and coils will fill up with dirt, grime, leaves and other elements that may cause your central air system to not function at it's best. Part of your air conditioner's regular maintenance schedule should include a yearly A/C Tune Up otherwise referred to as a Clean & Check at the start of the season. Not only will our technicians clean your unit, but we will also inspect and check all of the components to insure that everything works properly. Remember that you will begin to use your air conditioning system full-time during the summer and the best way to stay comfortable indoors is to have your air conditioner running safely throughout the season. Lack of maintenance may result in potential issues that will limit the effectiveness of your cooling system which can cause your air conditioning unit to work harder to cool your home — wasting energy and increasing your energy bills. Protect your central air system while keeping your home cool and comfortable for you and your family.

Preventive Maintenance & Your Air Conditioner Warranty.

 Every air conditioner manufacturer recommends routine maintenance. What you may not know is that nearly every owner's manual and/or warranty fine print states the homeowner is required to maintain their equipment or the warranty may become void. The small investment in an air conditioner tune up will return big rewards. Some manufacturers require proof of routine maintenance of your air conditioner, so remember to always keep a copy of your receipts for any and all service work performed.